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                  Welcome to Ashes of the Soul's Home!!                     

We would like to thank you for stopping by and invite you to look around. The site is still a work in progress, but please do join and give us your feedback.

Our guild is based on learning and progressing together. We value helping each other out as much as we can, as well as progressing through the game.

~For Current guild members~ When signing up, please use your character's name so that we know who you are, you can always change your forum handle later to something different :)

~For prospecting members- You may sign up here as well, and we can send you an invite in game when we can, however, it's much faster for you to just contact any currently online member for an invite. Currently recruiting is 100% open to everyone.

Guild News    

Grats to Thorne & Institutional

SilentScream, Apr 5, 12 10:20 PM.
Grats to getting two people rotated into the operations :) Welcome to the wonderful world of Operations Thorne and Institutional :) We will definately be trying to get more people running through regular versions next week! Can't wait to get rolling! Grats to Ceerox on a new car :)


Ashes Burns Down Karagga's Palace!!

SilentScream, Mar 29, 12 10:49 PM.
Congrats to Ashes for defeating Karagga :) Although we can all agree that he was not the biggest challenge of the operation!!!

Special grats to Tychis on winning a brand new car!! And grats to Shadowsnake on the new little stalker...I mean droid pet.


First Operation Success!!

SilentScream, Mar 22, 12 10:36 PM.
Congrats Ashes! Our first attempt at a guild Operation was a complete success! We had a great turn out with members waiting to get into 16 man. Big thank you to the our Ops leaders Tychis and Kloan for getting us through the fights with no hang-ups.

~Thanks to Shadowsnake  and Iroes  for tanking great job guys!
*Thanks to Ceerox  and Kloan  for the epic heals!
~Of course last but not least thanks to Bloodtrailer, Tychis, Sida  and myself  as the DPS to make things dead!

Everyone walked away with a piece or two of gear, well deserved guys!

Check out the Library-More to come

SilentScream, Jan 25, 12 9:30 PM.
Been hard at work on adding some things in the guild library. Some things have been pointed out by guild members (Thank you!), others are from sites that I frequent also. The goal is to compile a complete library of usefull goodies for the guild to use. Never-fear, any information that is snagged from other websites is sited, and I do not take any credit in any way shape or form. As I said, the goal is to compile information for guildies to use in one place so that finding information is easier. 

With that being said, if you have any information you would like to submit to the library please send me a mail via this site:) I look forward to putting this project together for everyone. Please remember that this is still a work in progress so it is not complete yet.

The Ancient one goes down!

SilentScream, Jan 8, 12 8:13 AM.
This guy was a bit more our speed as far as level goes, so at least it seemed like more of a challenge. The respawn rate on this guy is rediculous, only about 3-4 hours after we killed him as a guild, half the guild pug'd into another random group and killed him again. Although, that was a good thing because it allowed  a few who didn't make it in time for the first one to have a chance at it. 

Loot- Xantis - [Prototype] Force Stoic Headgear
Giblet - [Prototype] Force Sentinel Headgear

Attending - Enis, Staldir, Shadowsnake, Silentscream, Mikimoto, Mormont,  Xantis, Bloodtrailer, Rocketsauce, Ceerox, Archammon, Jo'dashi, Kitvebi, Rhokkan and Giblet.

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